Friday, January 26, 2007

Another Winter Activity

Little helper cuts up beans

I changed my tune...

There used to be a time when I used to sing grown-up songs when I felt like singing. Happy songs. Sad songs. Fast songs. Sentimental songs.

Yesterday I was singing "C'mon let's crawl - let's crawl - let's crawl" when Kiran walked by.

"Let's crawl???" He said.

"To the ugly bug ball - to the ball - to the ball" I answered.

This is what I sing now - "The Ugly Bug Ball". But this is one of the cute ones. It could be sillier, and know what, it is.

Some of the most ridiculous songs (I mean no offense - they're fine for Summy to sing, but very odd if I'm found singing them when I'm alone) I found myself singing:

"We are string beans, green and fine,
Green and fine, green and fine.
We are green beans, green and fine.
Growing on a leafy vine."

or this one:

"Today is Monday - today is Monday
All day long - all day long
Yesterday was Sunday - tomorrow is Tuesday
Oh what fun - oh what fun"

(What fun, indeed)

But the silliest (and cheesiest) one ever was a jingle that I particularly disliked, heard years and years ago, and couldn't get out of my head. I heard it way before Summy was born. I accidentally sang a line of it one day, and Summy loved and wanted me to sing it again and again and again. Here it is:

"Alouette - tasty Alouette
Alouette - ready-to-serve cheese
If you have a party night
Choose the cheese that must delight
Party Night
Must Delight
Alouette - tasty Alouette
Alouette - ready-to-serve cheese"

The Challenger

Last night, as Summy prepared to brush her teeth, she threw me what she apparently thought was a challenge. She said she wanted to use the grown-up toothpaste.

Possibly, she envisioned me saying "No", her insisting, me putting my foot down, and her defying me.

But I said "Okay."

Now that I think back about it, she seemed let down ("How is this fun if I'm allowed to do it?"). She prodded me.

"But you said it was too karam (spicy) for me."

"It's a little stronger than your kid toothpaste, but you can use it if you want. Only a little tiny bit. Mama has to put it on your toothbrush though."

Here was a chance to challenge again. She took it.

"No! I want to do it!"

My answer was very unsatisfying: "Okay."

She looked dully at the adult toothpaste. It had lost all its charm. "Where is the sport in life?", she must have been thinking.

"Here, I don't want it.", she said, and put the toothpaste back on the counter.

Who knows how many other times she'd been picking little tiffs with me on purpose, and I fell for it?

Score: 1 for Mama. 253 for Summy.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Then and Now

Sick Day

Some of my best memories of childhood are of getting pampered on sick days.

Here is Summy on a sick day two weeks ago - watching Blue's Clues and chilling out in her igloo. She even got me to join her in the tent later!

(Yes, Mommyof2, it's the same tent.)

Dora Vs. Dora

Summy put on her new Dora slippers on our way home from the store today. The Dora slippers were having a conversation in voices that resembled Summy's.

Left Slipper (I presume): Oh, look, you have the same hair as me!

Right Slipper: Yeah, and the same eyes too!

LS: And the same pink shirt!

RS: And the same skirt!

LS: We match!

RS: We are both Doras!


LS: How bout you can be Boots!

RS: No, you be Boots!

LS: No, you!

RS: No, you!

I now have a new idea for a pair of slippers that has Dora on the one foot and Boots on the other one. Or how about Tom on one foot and Jerry on the other? The feet would have so much fun chasing around the house.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Finding Nemo

Yesterday all three of us watched this movie again together. All of us love it. Summy asked me for explanations, especially when the whale swallowed Nemo's dad and Dory (who are trying to find Nemo) in order to take them to Sydney, where Nemo was (and if you haven't seen this movie, you're all at sea here).

I always wanted to see Australia, so after the movie was done I asked Summy rhetorically, "Would you like to go to Sydney?"

She thought about this before saying yes. That was not expected because usually she is eager to see new places. Then we found the reason for her hesitation when she added,

"But not in a whale."

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Playtime - Toys optional

It was not any of the toys she received for Christmas that kept Summy occupied for a whole hour the other day. It was stale mini-muffins from the fridge.

It was her baby doll's birthday. The mini-muffin was the cake. We put her last year's birthday candle on it, lit it, blew it out, made a wish. Sang Happy Birthday (dear baby).

Then she helped "baby" cut the cake, got out her tea set, and served Kiran and me (and the rest of the doll family) cake and "juice" (water, which spilled on the floor, causing her to spend ten minutes wiping up her spill, the table, the chairs, and the doll, just in case).

Then, she put some magazine cutouts in a little box, wrapped it up with old magazine pages, put a bow on it and made baby a present. Then the baby got to open the present.

After it was all done, we got another stale muffin and started all over again. The next day, we had a party again.

Though there are some toys that Summy enjoys, most games don't involve big toys. Some things that keep her occupied for a long long time:
  1. Cleaning. A wet rag with which to wipe the fridge, the floor, anything. Then a dry rag to dry everything up.
  2. Scissors. The thing most used by Summy in the last two years is her little blue pair of scissors. Just have to watch and make sure she doesn't cut up Time before we've read it.
  3. Dishes. It can be her play dishes or real ones that are unbreakable - but she puts her stepstool at the sink and washes the dishes over and over until they sparkle.
  4. Washing. In the tub, Summy likes to wash her clothes in a bucket sometimes (the way we did in India). Next Summer I can imagine her washing doll clothes outside and hanging them up.
  5. Pretend People. Usually with little finger sized dolls, but as I mentioned before, these are not necessary. The people can be anything from pens to real fingers. These people take baths and put out fires and save each other and eat pizza and go on forever.

If you're reading this and have a tot, what entertains yours the most on a cold winter day?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


The previous post reminded me - When Summy's eyes water, she says "My eyes are melting." I find that cute, but apt in a way. When her eyes fill with tears, they sure melt my heart.

Water Scarcity

The other night she stubbed her toe against something, but not hard. Out of habit, she started to cry. After about a minute of loud wails and dry eyes, she stopped crying and said in a normal cheerful voice:

"Mama, are my tears all gone?"

I guess she can usually bring out tears on demand, so when she couldn't, she was surprised. Now I'm onto you, Summy :)

Parenting Advice from the Expert

Yesterday, I was trying to get Summy to take a bath, and she was stalling ("No, But I don't want to take a bath right now.").

"You said you'd take a bath after you played with the computer. Take a bath and I'll play downstairs with you. If you don't, I can't play with you because you'll be stinky. So come on."

She watched me with an amused smile through this speech, and after I was done she said:

"You have to say 'It's not a choice.', Mama". (!!!!!!!)

I said, "Okay, It's not a choice, Summy. You have to take a bath", and then Kiran and Summy and I all laughed.

I've never said this to her before, she must have heard it in school.

Advice straight from the horse's mouth - and it worked too. She did listen that time.