Thursday, August 24, 2006


by Boo.

I am thirty one today.
I said nothing much - I usually don't, I'm shy.
I want to not seem shallow, but can't help it - what I really really really want is samosa chat for dinner.
I wish that today were Friday.
I miss being in India.
I hear Summy's chatter as long as she's awake.
I wonder where I would've been today if I'd got that coveted seat in my dream college.
I regret having yelled at Summy yesterday.
I am glad I'm sneaking my way out of the second "I am". I waited until it was my birthday so that I could do the first "I am".
I dance clumsily, but happily.
I sing the teletubbies title song at work.
I am not going to let myself walk into a modified "I am" trap.
I cry at the drop of a hat.
I'm not always straightforward.
I make with my hands shadow animals by the light of Summy's flashlight.
I write a lot of non-technical stuff and I enjoy it.
I confuse everybody at work when I try to write a technical document.
I need nothing more than what I have.
I should be a better role model for Summy.
I tag mommyof2.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

From the Mouths of Babes

This morning, Summy looked at the wedding picture on the mantel. It's been sitting there ever since we lived here. And she said, "Mommy and Daddy were married yesterday."

It seems like only yesterday, but next week is our tenth anniversary!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Doctor or Miracle Worker?

This was a few months ago, Summy had a cough and I took her to the doctor. I explained that the doctor will help make her feel better.

She was as good as can be throughout the checkup, the weighing, the temperature-taking, the ear-probing, the poking, the prodding, and the awarding-of-the-stickers.

After he left, she coughed a small cough. Then she complained "Mom, I'm still coughing!" She expects fast results!

I didn't necessarily want to tell her that the medicine was would make her better, because I don't want her to associate doctor visits with medicine. She loves doctor visits, and she doesn't love medicine, so why make the visits harder in anticipation of medicine?

Yesterday, I took her to the doctor again to get a cough checked out. She had also complained of her ear hurting on Sunday, and yesterday she added a stomach ache to her list of ailments (she really really wanted to go see the doctor).

Her regular doctor was out, so we saw another doctor. "So she has a stomach ache?" the doctor asked. I waved my hand and said "I don't know ..." thinking about how to put it without hurting Summy's feelings.

"You mean to say that she would be good in Hollywood?" the doctor said diplomatically.


"Got it. We have a four year old daughter we're thinking of sending to Hollywood", she said.

She understood, no explanations needed. It is so nice to see a doctor who knows exactly what's going on.

The good news was that there was nothing the matter with Summy. She was fit as a fiddle, just wanted an outing to the doctor.

All's well that ends well.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Forgetful Mom

Twice or thrice a day, Summy does something which makes me think "There's some new material for her journal." But once I find the time to log onto this blog to write about it, I forget what it is.

Today it's the same as usual. I forgot what it was.

Good thing I'm writing down atleast what I'm writing down, or with my memory, there would be no stories that I could tell Summy about "When you were little..."

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A New Friend

We have been visiting the swimming pool for the last two weeks.

She enjoys splashing around, ofcourse (need to put her in classes), but the best part of swimming (or going to the park, or out for a walk, or anything else) is the socializing.

Usually the pool crowd consists of five or six year olds who consider it beneath them to get familiar with a three year old "baby". :) There are some very friendly older kids too - there are all kinds. But usually nobody pays much attention to Summy.

On Sunday, she found a baby who was hugging his Daddy's neck and crying in the pool. He wanted no part of all that rowdy splashing around (every two seconds one kid or the other would do a cannonball). She swum around close, watching the baby with delight. When the baby stopped crying to smile at her, she was overjoyed - then the baby bent down to touch Summy's hand, then she held his hand and put it in the water. Then the baby's Dad said "Look how well she swims - isn't she good?". He didn't know it, but he and his son now became friends for life :) The rest of her time in the pool, she hung around with that baby.

When she came home, she told Kiran very proudly that she had made a friend and his name was Alex.

Good to meet you, Alex!

Rubberback and More

The other day, Summy pretended to be the mommy while I was forced to be the baby being put to sleep. When she was tired of the game, she said "Now I'll be the baby and you be the rubberback."

Rubberback (noun): one who rubs somebody's back or tummy, in order to put them to sleep.

I do add those "ie"s to the end of words to make them sound cute - doggie, fishie, froggie, etc. When a car next to us honked last week, Summy said "Did you see that car-rie?" When I said yes, she said "Did you hear that car-rie make the sound-ie?"


This happened a few months ago - how did I forget to put it in Summy's journal?

We were reading a small board book about fruit at bedtime, when we first saw the now legendary Jujube.

She found the name "Jujube" very funny, and it started to seem funny to me too.

After the lights were out, we were singing the alphabet song, and when we came to J, she said "J for Jujube" and started to laugh again. I laughed too. It was one of those things, hard to explain why it was that funny.

We laughed helplessly with tears down our faces, and until our jaws hurt. Then we looked away from each other because even looking at each other would have triggered another bout of laughter. We slept with an occasional suppressed rumble from one of us, setting off the other one to rumble too.

Now we try not to talk about explosive topics like Jujubes at bedtime.