Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Sponge

I close my eyes for a second, and when I open them, Pranav has learned something new.

Like today: he opened his mouth, and said "teesh", pointing at his teeth. Where did he learn this? I have no idea, and I'm with him all the time.

By the way, to the June bug moms who may still be reading this, I finally got to meet D today! Thanks for stopping by, D, it was such a pleasure.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little Sportsman

Some older kids were playing with a cricket ball in the play area. Pranav was stomping around excitedly, going "Ba! Ba!". When the ball came his way and a boy came after it, Pranav stretched out a hand, like he was one of the boys, and said, "Catch".

The boy gave the ball to Pranav. I told him to throw the ball back to the boy, and he did! I carried him away (proudly clapping for himself), so the boys could play in peace.

Pranav is obsessed with "ba", as many babies are. If I feed him rice or cheese, it has to be rolled into a "ba" first (he rubs his hands together to show me how I should roll a ball). The setting sun is a "ba". He flips through books and magazines, looking for any round object ( even a plate), that he can call a "ba".

He is gaga about ba ba.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mountain Climber

Last week, I was relaxed because Pranav seemed suddenly independent. He was walking by himself, playing by himself, entertaining himself. Today, his indepence is scaling new heights, and he has me on my toes again. He is climbing.

Yesterday, he stared helplessly at things that were high above him, beyond his reach. Today, he suddenly has a new perspective. He doesn't see a stepstool, chair, and a table. What he sees is the possibilities, steps reaching up to a so-far-unexplored treasure site.

Now that he knows what he can do, he loathes being taken away from a forbidden thing or activity. He screams and throws a tantrum. I thought this happened when they turn two!

He is speaking volumes with only three or four sounds. "ma", "na", sha", "ka", and so on. Some words are so subtly different: "shish" for "goldfish", "schiss" for "cheese", "shiss" for "shoes", and "sish" for "sit". Only a perceptive mom can tell the difference. Ofcourse, I'm not that mom. I only guess at what he means by the general direction that he's pointing at.

If I'm out of his sight for only a minute (no exaggerating), he sets up a one-man search party and goes around looking for me, calling "Amma! Amma!" about every two seconds.

He also thinks of his dad and his akka when they are not around, and goes around calling "Nanna!" or "Ka!"

He is a great dancer. Music of any kind makes him shake his little bottom and twirl around (the twirling comes from his sister). He loves to hold my phone and dance to the music from it.

He has tried all the play equipment in the little apartment complex playground. He loves the slide best. He sits on the flat bottom part of the slide, and looks around the park. That's his hangout. When he's tired, he loves to swing in my lap, and fall asleep while looking up at the trees and birds. He has made many friends of his own size.

I know I say this on almost every post, but our little boy is really growing up.

Uh Aah...

When Pranav drops something, I say "Uh oh.". He has been imitating me, but says "Uh aah". Sometimes he says it after dropping something. Sometimes he says it before, which is a useful thing, because I can rush to catch whatever it is that he's dropping.

To him, all it means is " on the floor". I discovered that only today. I was holding him, and he pointed to himself and then the floor, and said, "Uh aah.". He was asking me to set him down!