Friday, January 26, 2007

I changed my tune...

There used to be a time when I used to sing grown-up songs when I felt like singing. Happy songs. Sad songs. Fast songs. Sentimental songs.

Yesterday I was singing "C'mon let's crawl - let's crawl - let's crawl" when Kiran walked by.

"Let's crawl???" He said.

"To the ugly bug ball - to the ball - to the ball" I answered.

This is what I sing now - "The Ugly Bug Ball". But this is one of the cute ones. It could be sillier, and know what, it is.

Some of the most ridiculous songs (I mean no offense - they're fine for Summy to sing, but very odd if I'm found singing them when I'm alone) I found myself singing:

"We are string beans, green and fine,
Green and fine, green and fine.
We are green beans, green and fine.
Growing on a leafy vine."

or this one:

"Today is Monday - today is Monday
All day long - all day long
Yesterday was Sunday - tomorrow is Tuesday
Oh what fun - oh what fun"

(What fun, indeed)

But the silliest (and cheesiest) one ever was a jingle that I particularly disliked, heard years and years ago, and couldn't get out of my head. I heard it way before Summy was born. I accidentally sang a line of it one day, and Summy loved and wanted me to sing it again and again and again. Here it is:

"Alouette - tasty Alouette
Alouette - ready-to-serve cheese
If you have a party night
Choose the cheese that must delight
Party Night
Must Delight
Alouette - tasty Alouette
Alouette - ready-to-serve cheese"


@ said...

sounds like i am outdated in toddler pop music - I've never heard of any of the ones you mentioned..where did you pick them up from?

Aparna said...

@, I wouldn't exactly call it pop :)

Summy teachers, her music CDs, keep making up new songs to the tune of old classics. There are so many of these that I don't remember the some of the originals that owns the tune anymore.

Ugly Bug Ball I got from a sing-along video, but it's actually from a classic movie - don't know which.

mommyof2 said...

same here:-) My favourite one is jingle bells:-) cheerful:-) when kids are fighting or cying I sing this song and tickle the heck out of them;-)

Latest is one pooh song which I will write in my next post in response to ur winter activities:-)

anita & amit said...

hi! found your blog thru saffron tree! i love the way you've documented so much of your baby's life. always think i will, but never find the time! i love the alouette song, though i don't know this version. the one we learnt at school (french as a third language) went: alouette, gentil alouette / je te pluemerai la tete / je te pluemerai la bec / etc. which basically means chicken, sweet chicken, i'll pluck your head, your beak, etc - add body parts as required! i loved it when i learnt it but daren't sing it too much in case i offend veggie souls around! hope i haven't spoilt it for you (just in case you hadn't heard the version!). we love kids and kiddie books too! make a few ourselves as well!