Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Daddy, Mommy, and Baby

I have realized these words mean more to Summy than just parents and child. She uses them like "Regular", "Large" and "Supersized" are used at a Burger King. For example, the gigantic balloon floating over a car lot is a "daddy balloon". The small buttons on her dress are "baby buttons". If we go to Burger King, she might ask for "Mommy fries". :)

Friday, September 02, 2005


I have been tagged by Darshani to do this: Darshani, yours is the only blog I read faithfully, so I'm afraid I can't tag anybody else :(

10 years ago I was: Living with my parents, in the last year of college in India, and writing tons of letters to my would-be husband studying in the USA.
5 years ago I was: Enjoying our newly bought house, enjoying lots of free time and independence, and thinking about a baby.
1 year ago I was: Trying to teach my 1.5 year old daughter to say "Yes" more often than "No".
Yesterday: Enjoyed the last day of the long weekend by relaxing, and going to the park with Summy in the evening.
5 snacks I enjoy: Samosas, chocolate, trail mix, animal crackers, and bhel puri.
5 songs I know all the words to: (Blush) Only nursery rhymes, and my daughter taught me even those. I still do know the words to some Hindi and Telugu songs though.
5 things I would do with 100 million dollars: Save a little for us, and spend the rest helping people adopt children. I wish every child had a family. I can't think of anything that I want for myself that I can't already have, that money can buy.
5 places I would run away to: The bookstore if I'm bored, the lake-side park if I want space, Pondicheri in India (where everybody rides a bicycle) if I'm tired of the rut, my parents' house if I need my mommy, and the bathroom if nothing else is possible. (But see my post below. I can run, I can't hide).
5 things I would never wear: A fur or leather coat, high-heeled shoes, a tongue ring (or any other piercing anywhere except on the ears - ouch!), long nails, and makeup.
5 favorite tv shows: None. Haven't watched a complete show in a long time unless I count Sesame Street (of which I did see a complete episode this morning).
5 bad habits: Sleeping late, waking up late, being messy, being unable to say "No".
5 biggest joys: Family, friends, freedom, books, yoga.
5 favorite toys: Summy, crossword books, camera, computer, and Play doh!
5 fictional characters I would date: None!