Monday, March 26, 2012

Coming Clean

Lately, Pranav has been helping me load clothes into the washer, turn it on, and then unload them when they're done. He stands in front of the washing machine, and becomes a watching machine, staring in fascination at the clothes spinning around.

The other day, the washer stopped mid-cycle. There was an error code on its display. I dug out the manual, and looked up the error code. It said little or no water in the inlet pipe.

I stood thinking, not really wanting to call the appliance service, not after the fridge incident (that's another story).

I looked at the inlet pipe to see if there was obvious damage. I followed it to the wall, and saw that it was screwed into the faucet securely. Then I looked at the knob above the faucet.

"Pranav", I said to the little guy who was watching me with curiosity. "Did you touch this knob?".

He grinned wide, as he always does when he knows the answer well. "Yeeeees!", he said happily.

"When?", I said.

"Yesterday!", he said.

"And what did you do with it?"

"I spinned it!"

Ask and ye shall know.

So I "spinned" it back so that the water to the washer was turned on again, and the the washer went on with its job without further complaint.