Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dora Vs. Dora

Summy put on her new Dora slippers on our way home from the store today. The Dora slippers were having a conversation in voices that resembled Summy's.

Left Slipper (I presume): Oh, look, you have the same hair as me!

Right Slipper: Yeah, and the same eyes too!

LS: And the same pink shirt!

RS: And the same skirt!

LS: We match!

RS: We are both Doras!


LS: How bout you can be Boots!

RS: No, you be Boots!

LS: No, you!

RS: No, you!

I now have a new idea for a pair of slippers that has Dora on the one foot and Boots on the other one. Or how about Tom on one foot and Jerry on the other? The feet would have so much fun chasing around the house.

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@ said...

LOL @ your devious mind :)

Every post on her 'imagination' leaves me in amazement!