Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another poem

In the car, stopped at a red light, he came up with this.
"Red means stop
 Green means go
 Yellow means slow down
 Now you know"

The Reluctant Poet

Pranav was telling me, 
"When I am sad, I cry and pout
 When I am happy, ummmm, I laugh about"

I was so thrilled to hear him thinking and making up a rhyme. I wrote down his poem right away, but then he changed the second line to "when I'm happy, I play and wait for my dinner". 

He threw a little fit when he found out that I had kept his original line and not changed it to the new, much less poetic one. Poets can be so finicky!

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Almost four

Days are passing by fast. Pranav is going to preschool full time. He really is not a baby anymore. 

He always seems to be going near the speed of light, yet time isn't slowing down. Was Einstein wrong?