Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stalling tactics

As Pranav is getting smarter, bedtime keeps slipping farther each day. Once he's in bed, he has a lot to say. For example:

"I don't want to sleep in the bed, Amma."

"Can I sleep on Akka's bed, Amma?"

"Can I play with Akka, Amma?"

"I am thirsty, Amma. Can I drink some water?"

And today, he was almost asleep when he suddenly sat up and said: "I forgot to eat rice, Amma." Of course he has me figured out, and knows what will get me ( and him) out of bed. He had eaten spaghetti for dinner, but what if that hadn't filled him up? But after eating a couple of spoonfuls of rice, he said he was done and he wanted to play.

Even Summy, who used to be the bedtime stalling queen, tries to get him into bed earlier, so that she can sleep peacefully. The stalling queen is growing up, has school, hobbies, responsibilities, and is starting to understand the value of sleep (It's not like she can wake up at eight, and settle down in just a diaper, to watch Dora with a nice warm cup of Horlicks, like some in the house do. She has school to go to, a bus to catch!)

Why does Pranav dislike going to bed so much? Maybe I should ask his mom, who is still up at 2 am, writing and complaining about Pranav not sleeping early enough.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


After Pranav's bath this morning, I cuddled the sweet clean bundle wrapped up in a towel, while telling him how cute and huggable he was.

After I put him down, he toddled around saying "Gabool! Gabool!".

"What's Gabool?", I asked him, and he laughed and said, "Gabool!".

"Where is this Gabool?", I said. He giggled and pointed to himself.

Then I realized what he had heard me say: "Huggable" had become "Gabool" :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

He is an Boy!

Pranav, now that he's all of 23 months old, is trying to be grammatically correct.

"Me do it." has disappeared, and has been replaced with "I'll do it."

He makes complex sentences that do not make complete sense, like: "Daddy has an umbrella, but it's raining outchide (outside)."

He hasn't figured out the difference between "what" and "who" yet, though. He points to people and says, "What is that, Amma?", when he feels friendly and curious. (a couple of embarrassing times, I've pretended that he was pointing to and talking about something else: "That? Oh, that's a tree, Pranav.")

He did notice that we say "an" instead of "a" sometimes, as in "an ant". So now he's replaced all "a"s with "an"s.

Tonight, in bed, he waved his finger around in a circle, and said, "Look at this, Amma. What is this?" when I ignored him, he answered himself, "It's an shircle, Amma."

Then he thought for a while, and informed me, "I am an boy, Amma." At that, I had to give him a kiss.