Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Happiness is...

Have you ever cuddled beside a toddler, warm and sweet smelling out of her bath, peacefully sleeping? I can lie down beside this little bundle of comfort forever. It's hard to think about when she'll have her own bed (and room!) - not just the thought of weaning her off our bed, but weaning ourselves to sleep without her too. It doesn't help that she will put an arm around your neck and pull you close, and sleep cheek-to-soft-cheek with you. It's addictive, this creature!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Zero is the first number Summy had learned to recognize, from Chicka Chicka 123. "Chicka chicka boom boom" she goes whenever she sees that book, and is crazy about drawing apples and apple trees on her little magnadoodle. Yesterday, we saw a stop sign and she pointed to it, all excited, and said "Zero!" She was pointing at the "O" in "STOP" :) Now how on earth do I teach her that's different? I'm proud of her, though.

She had her first Valentine's Day party at the daycare, and got Valentines from Joshie and Collette. When I went to pick her up after the party, she was still in party mode, and refused to go home. "No! No jacket! No home! No illu!" I think she had been eating frosted cookies and cupcakes and was literally bouncing around. I tried to remember the last time she wasn't eager to go home, and realized it was after the Christmas party. What can I say? Girls just want to have fun :)

Monday, February 14, 2005

Broken Drawer

Today my sweet potato got the shock of her life when she realized the drawer to the side table had gone - disappeared - just like that! Ofcourse, the drawer had just gone to the other side against the wall - I had just turned the table around so that she'd stop getting into the drawer and eating the small screws and rubber bands and other miscellaneous hardware she finds in it.

Her little jaw dropped, her eyes were round as saucers (I've never seen that expression of hers before) as she exclaimed "Drawer gone! Broken? Uh oh! Broken!". I felt a little guilty for lying as I said "Uh Oh" with her, but still had a hard time keeping a straight face :)

She is getting to be very polite - yesterday she handed me back her snack saying "No banana, amma. Thank you." Having a two year old is turning out to be most entertaining.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Trying it out

Let's see how it works!