Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Playtime - Toys optional

It was not any of the toys she received for Christmas that kept Summy occupied for a whole hour the other day. It was stale mini-muffins from the fridge.

It was her baby doll's birthday. The mini-muffin was the cake. We put her last year's birthday candle on it, lit it, blew it out, made a wish. Sang Happy Birthday (dear baby).

Then she helped "baby" cut the cake, got out her tea set, and served Kiran and me (and the rest of the doll family) cake and "juice" (water, which spilled on the floor, causing her to spend ten minutes wiping up her spill, the table, the chairs, and the doll, just in case).

Then, she put some magazine cutouts in a little box, wrapped it up with old magazine pages, put a bow on it and made baby a present. Then the baby got to open the present.

After it was all done, we got another stale muffin and started all over again. The next day, we had a party again.

Though there are some toys that Summy enjoys, most games don't involve big toys. Some things that keep her occupied for a long long time:
  1. Cleaning. A wet rag with which to wipe the fridge, the floor, anything. Then a dry rag to dry everything up.
  2. Scissors. The thing most used by Summy in the last two years is her little blue pair of scissors. Just have to watch and make sure she doesn't cut up Time before we've read it.
  3. Dishes. It can be her play dishes or real ones that are unbreakable - but she puts her stepstool at the sink and washes the dishes over and over until they sparkle.
  4. Washing. In the tub, Summy likes to wash her clothes in a bucket sometimes (the way we did in India). Next Summer I can imagine her washing doll clothes outside and hanging them up.
  5. Pretend People. Usually with little finger sized dolls, but as I mentioned before, these are not necessary. The people can be anything from pens to real fingers. These people take baths and put out fires and save each other and eat pizza and go on forever.

If you're reading this and have a tot, what entertains yours the most on a cold winter day?


Sush said...

aaawww... so sweet, the little doll she is :-).

Tharini said...

I love that she likes to wipe in the kitchen. Can I have her? :)

My little guy loves his trains. He watches episodes of Thomas Train and friends and then re-enacts whatever he has seen with his little collection. Of which only one of them is the real Thomas....the rest are regular little engines, whom he gives names to depending on the scene that is being enacted! You've inspired me to follow suit and write about his winter home games.

@ said...

funny how the best toys are often free!

to answer your question: cooking!

Aparna said...

Sush, thanks!

Tharini, you can have her anytime you want! If you make her the offer (and mention Winkie), she'll pack her sleeping bag and turn up at your door.

@, yes, the best toys in life are free. Can I have your cook?

mommyof2 said...

So nice to read about summy again:-) Now keep writing;-) I will do a post & link it to urs soon;-)