Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Poem About Me

By Summy:

My Mother

My mother is special
The way you find
is she is very kind.
She makes good
yummy, delicious food.
She calls me sweet
and very neat.
My mom can sing
like a bird can tweet.
I love her all the time
But sometimes she is a lime.
My mother makes the best nest to give
to let me live.
She is the best mother
anyone could have.
I'm helpful when I wash dishes
and she loves to watch fishes.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Bottoms Up

We were lying down comfortably on the sofa, little Dinky and me. He was on my tummy, face down. I asked him, it being a warm, lazy, afternoon, "Would you like to eat some watermelon, Pranavi?".

Normally, he would nod. But with his head resting nicely, I guess he felt too lazy to pick it up and nod it. So he sticks up his little bottom in the air, and wiggles it up and down, twice, to say "Yes".

I bet this one is not in the baby sign language books.