Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Guide to Making Friends

Very useful for shy people like me:

1) Keep an eye out for a person who seems interesting.

2) Once you spot an interesting person, walk up to them. Step right in front of them and make eye contact.

3) If they don't say anything, continue to stare closely at whatever it is they are doing, and comment on it.

4) If they do not respond to this, bounce up and down while saying "Look what I can do!". If you can do cartwheels, do a cartwheel or two now.

5) If they still haven't said anything, it's time to stop being so very subtle. Say "Will you be my friend?".

It always works for Summy, so it should work for any of us. Right?


Anonymous said...

oh i could just 'see' summy bouncing up and down and doing cartwheels!

who would not want to be her friend??? i know i would.


oh and thanks for reply to previous comment

Schmetterling said...

I'm guessing summy is the daughter :) if so, i completely love her approach to making friends! haha, i can almost transport myself back to a decade to see myself totally ready to do cartwheels!

Aparna said...

D, I know she would love to be your friend too, as well as D's and A's :)

She doesn't really do cartwheels though, I meant to say somersaults.

Schmetterling, thanks for visiting and and for the comment :) Yes, Summy is the daughter.

Gauri said...

:-) Tell me Aps - have you been following the "guidelines".

the mad momma said...

oh yes - i woudl definitely be your friend if you bounced up and down and turned cartwheels! :D