Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cabbages and Edamame

I'm still at home while I'm working on learning new things and writing new exams. Life is pretty laid-back and the only things I have to do are cook and study. Still these things somehow stretch out to take the whole day and I find less time to do things like updating this blog.

One thing that I've learned to love in the last six months is to cook.

Maybe it's the fresh veggies from the farmers market: I take pleasure in buying veggies every Saturday and making sure they are eaten up before the next Saturday rolls around.

Maybe it's the extra time I have to think about what to make: While I'm driving around I'm making up dishes in my head like cabbage with potatoes and soybeans or edamame (which doesn't taste so bad, by the way!).

Maybe it's the computer that's right next to the kitchen, so I can put bokchoy, broccoli, and potatoes on the counter, wipe my hands on the towel, google for the unlikely "bok choy dal" and "broccoli alu curry", and amazingly have recipes turn up.

Whatever it is, it's a good thing I like to cook because now I have to turn out lunches for the little lady every day.

It's much harder than I thought it would be, considering that at home she eats anything that I cook (and when I ask, she almost always tells me that it's good). But I used to send lunches that came back uneaten no matter what they were, and I finally understood the moms who agonize about what to pack for lunch.

For now, things are all right, as I figured out that lunches need to be a little more gourmet than jelly sandwiches or pasta and tomato sauce. Current menu items are carrot or tomato fried rice, garnished with cilantro, pasta with cheese sauce and broccoli, chickpeas with seasoning, chapatis and yogurt with soybeans on the side, cherry tomatoes, vegetable pulihora (!!!) and occasionally Maggi. She's eating these now, but next week might be a new challenge.

At home though, she is a pleasure to cook for, as is Kiran. They'll both eat anything I cook and relish it, no matter how strange it might sound. Thank you, you two!


Gauri said...

Good to know that the little lady enjoys gourmet cuisine :-)

Yeah - talk about lunch box agonies - they're really something, aren't they ?

And that farmers market sounds heavenly.

Keep writing Aps - its a pleasure to read what you pen.

Anonymous said...

oh how nice to see you on a roll. and am glad it makes you happy to see that i check, but i do it because when i find something here it makes ME happy!
if you ever decide not to write on the group or update this blog ever, pl at least email me ok!!!
ps - your cooking sounds exotic and am sure those two have good reason to lick their fingers like they do...and like gauri says and i have said before too, that farmers market sounds heavenly. just the sort of thing that i like! i like our local farmers markets too, but yours sounds nicer. wish i could visit...

Aparna said...

Hi Gauri, you have had extensive experience with lunch boxes, haven't you? :) I remember the lunches you packed sounding yummy.

One hectic morning I thought of your making Gobi parathas and wondered how on earth you did it so early in the morning.

D, I'll keep that in mind if for some strange reason I never write to the group or update the blog again, I would not want to lose touch with you either.