Thursday, August 09, 2007



Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous picture of sameera!

here's whats happening as i am looking at it -
diya - mamma who is that?
me - its sameera
d - is sameera a big girl or a small girl?
me - she's your age
d - my age? she's 4? i am also 4!
d - is that goa?
me - oh no thats california.
d - it looks like goa.
mala - ada diya maadari irka (she's just like diya)
anika - mala, ada diya alla - ada sameera.

ok this is going on for too long now i can't write down what they are saying anymore!


Anonymous said...

hey aps and sammy..welcome to California/LA

Gauri said...

Summy taking to California like a fish takes to water :-))
Pardon my pun there - I seem to be getting punnier as the days go by.

Good luck to all of you Aps on the move. Hope you all get settled in soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aparna,

Thats a nice pic of California. Sun n sand and everything nice.Welcome to California.I stay in San Francisco.I am sure you'll enjoy your time here and so will little Sammy.


Tharini said...

Cute picture of Summy. Are you liking it? Homesick? How's the aprt.?

Looking forward to hearing all in detail.