Friday, August 17, 2007

The Apartment

We were lucky enough to have a temporary furnished apartment waiting for us, so we didn't have to unpack anything except clothes so far. It is a nice little place, close to everywhere, and as different as could be from our old house.

What I don't miss:

The space - From 2100 sq ft to 1000 sq ft. And we still don't even step into the second bedroom unless guests are here, and we haven't stored anything there. So effectively, we are in about 700 sq ft and I can't tell the difference.

Wait, I can. Now, I can cook and still watch what Summy is doing on the computer, and talk to her. I can laugh with her while she watches cartoons on TV, and she can draw at the dining table right next to me. I thought I'd miss the huge kitchen we had, but I don't.

It is a very positive difference to not have so many rooms and so much distance between things and people.

How do we manage? It makes it very easy that we don't have all our stuff yet. Once we move to another apartment, receive our things and unpack them, I wouldn't know where to put all of them.

I use as few things as possible, just one set of dishes for each person. Now that I think about it, why would anyone need any more for every day use? To fill up the dishwasher with? Because that's exactly why I used more dishes - to fill up the dishwasher and start a wash cycle. Now I don't even use the dishwasher.

Summy's toys and books - We brought some dolls with us, and here I got her some construction paper, a pair of scissors, crayons, and glue. She has been making projects and that's been keeping her very busy. We got a local library card, and Summy hasn't even opened any of the books that I brought from home. We just read the library books. Now she watches a lot more TV than she used to, but I'm fine with that. This is a holiday for her, after all, and she'll soon be back to a school routine.

What I do miss:

People - Family, friends, all the people we knew we had around even if we didn't see them every day or week.

New England - the trees, the landscape, the hills. There were woods everywhere, shade everywhere. Here, there is no shade, no escaping from the sun (even though it doesn't get very hot). Most of the trees are palms, fashionably tall and slim with carefully arranged leaves on their tops (come to think of it, many of the people here are like that too). This open landscape makes me feel vulnerable, me being allergic to sunlight.

Things - And materialistically, I miss some of our things - I don't miss the house much, but I miss our sheets, towels, my own kitchen knives, things like that. I didn't bring anything personal along except for a few of Summy's toys and books, to make the transition easier for her. Now I think familiar things would have made the transition easier for me, too.

All in all:

Still, we are getting on fine. I don't have a toaster, or a blender, and I just have the basics to cook with, and fresh vegetables and fruit from a wonderful farmer's market a block away. And I cook lunches and dinners, though simple ones, almost every day. Before, I had a large kitchen full of choppers, blenders, toasters, woks, pantry full of groceries and fancy pastes and masalas, and we ate out all the time. Ofcourse then I also had a full-time job!

Yesterday, I asked Summy if she wanted to eat lunch at home or outside, and she picked pasta with broccoli and cheese sauce made by me. I quote her - "Nobody else knows how to make it, not restaurants, not anybody else. Just Mommy makes it." Home is where home-cooked meals are made - so yes, this apartment has become home.


Kodi's Mom said...

I really admire how you've taken a downgrade in space very positively - proves that small is better, when viewed with the right perspective. does Summy talk of missing anything?

and will you be bloggin more? we need more gems such as this one come to think of it, many of the people here are like that too

Gauri said...

I do so echo Kodi's Mom in saying that you've really put a positive spin on everything and that must be going a long way in helping Summy adapt too, to her new home and surroundings.

And you and Summy sure seem to be having loads of fun. Keep at it (I don't really need to tell you that, do I ?)

And like Kodi's Mom said, here's to more frequent posts on your blog. Each one is a gem.

Anonymous said...

ypu know aps - i feel very very proud of my discovering abilities. i discovered you were a fantastic writer when i read your first post, your first email, and i just knew that as long as you would write, i would read what you have written and am so glad i was right!

also i know exactly what you mean about not missing the space and how convenient and almost nice it is to have everything (everything that you need and nothing else) at hand. we have a split level house - therefore on 4 levels and i now live only on the ground most level - just 3 rooms - the kitchen, the dining and 1 bedroom!


Tharini said...


It was very enlightening. Rajesh brings up this subject with me every once a about if we move back to an aprt.? And I like it not the work involved in moving, so I say...let's stay put. Let's de-clutter and downsize more, at least in terms of possessions, and we'll never move into a bigger house, at any cost.

I was soo eager to see pictures here....will you post them sometime?

Also....after Summy's high recommendation...also rather hungry for that pasta meal she described of Mommy's!

Bless you guys.

Aparna said...

K's mom, Gauri, D, Tara, thanks for reading and responding so nicely :)

The small space is something that I've been looking forward to for a while. It's a relief to me that none of us mind the loss of our old space.

Tara, it is so nice that Rajesh and you seem to agree on so many things.

D, you put it well. "Everything that you need and nothing else" :)

the mad momma said...

this is such alovely post and i admire the pleasure you are taking in your daily living. its rare to see people enjoy just being...

its almost always about something bigger. simple pleausres put so simply make for terrific reading.

the mad momma said...

i might have lost track in between the post, but where is all your personal stuff if you havent brought it along? in storage? and is it going to follow sometime soon? from what i understand, you've permanently moved here - right?