Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pictures at Four

Here she is on her birthday.

A month before she turned four


Growing Older with Sahithi... said...

A very happy Birthday to Summy.
Sahithi had a princess cake too for her 4th Bday in Jan.

I have to tell you that I ENVY you.
You could name your daughter "Sameera". Thats my most fave name. I fought like hell to name Sahithi "Sameera". But was completly out-voted by everyone else...

Me too said...

Many happy returns to the little one!
Apart from being a namesake, I have a 4(and 1/2) yr old girl too!

Sush said...
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B o o said...

Belated wishes to Summy. I have linked one of your old posts here:

Sush said...

a very very happy birthday to the kiddo... God bless her..