Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An Angel and a Two-headed Monster

This story starts about three months ago - when I told Summy to stop something naughty that she was doing (right now!). She was sitting on the floor and I was standing up tall next to her, and she rolled her eyes up to look at me. Only she rolled one eye way higher than the other and looked defiant.

Then she started to do this more often, mostly when she was defiant, and Kiran noticed it too. We kept telling her to stop it. Then one day, she gave me this look when I asked her to do something she really really didn't want to do - and then she warned, "Mama, I'll turn you into a two-head monster!"

So this is what she had been doing all this time! Making herself see double and turning us into two-headed monsters when she was not pleased with us.

But then we started to worry a little after we realized that she could not roll her left eye all the way up. (Note to any worried grandparents reading this :) It turned out later that there was nothing to worry about).

At her four-year checkup, we brought this worry up, and the doctor referred us to an eye doctor.

The eye doctor took a look at it yesterday, and said it happens when an oblique eye muscle is a little restricted so it doesn't let the eye move all the way up while looking up inwards. It's called Brown's Syndrome, and is virtually harmless. Summy simply compensates for it by lifting her head up instead of moving her eyes up.

Her vision was good in all ways though, and she did things exactly as she was asked to do. The doctor and the assistants praised her so much that she was walked out on air (and loaded with stickers and a lollipop).

These little physical anamolies are things that make us individuals just a little different from others. The little "quirks" also make me wonder at how many things have to come together perfectly to make our bodies work as they do.

I had a friend who could wiggle her ears, another who could wiggle her nose. I myself (ahem) have the "ability" to wiggle my little toe all by itself. Just so, Summy has the ability to make people two-headed.

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The Mad Momma said...

what a lovely way to look at it... i wish i could turn ppl into two headed monsters when i dont like them!