Monday, February 05, 2007

Summy Bunch

A few days ago, I stood in the middle of the house and yelled "Banana!" Summy answered, "Yes, Mama." Only when Kiran pointed it out did I realize that that was a little strange.

I call her so many different names that she answers to any name I call her. She instinctively knows when I'm talking about food, when I'm just talking to myself, and when I'm calling her.

I've called her "Banana Bunch", "Sweet Tomato", "Hunny Pie", "Potato Muffin", and lots of other things besides, and she just takes it sweetly.

But some names make her indignant. "Puppy" or "Kitten" offend her, and she says "I'm not a puppy. I'm Sameera!" Who knows why she doesn't mind being a pumpkin potato or a blueberry muffin, but considers Bunny or Kitten a slur?

Yesterday an uncle called her "Sammy". Not Summy (to rhyme with tummy), but Sammy (to rhyme with clammy). She said very seriously, "No, I'm not Sammy. Call me Sameera."

To her, adding "bunch" to anything makes it loving. She even asked me sometimes to call her "Honey Bunch" when she wants to feel reassured. She's called us "Mommy Bunch" and "Daddy Bunch" too.

Which reminds me of when she affectionately told me with a hug "You are my Darlin'." And then "Daddy is my Barlin' because he's a boy."


mommyof2 said...

Same with A about his name. Couple of times they spelt his name wrong in he tschool & he was very upset. Kids are very smart these days:-) She is looking so cute in MM pic:-)

Gauri said...

That's really sweet :-)

The Mad Momma said...

:) oh the OA and I often wonder how the Brat knows when we are calling him even when he was a year old... because we call him all rubbish - from 'tiggy' to 'pookle' to 'timbuktoo'.. i think its that note in your voice which tells them that you could only possibly mean them!

@ said...

tagged! see if you want to do it..