Wednesday, February 07, 2007

K for konfused

A confession: I've been trying to get Summy to learn to read for the past two years, even though I would never have admitted it. I'm for education with no pressure. I mean, what difference is it going to make in a couple of years whether she reads now or not?

But somehow, I expected her to be an early reader. I bought her leappads, workbooks, beginning reader books and so on.

It reminds me of the time when I was little and tried to teach my cat to sing: Sa re ga ma..... (sadly, this is not a joke. I even thought my cat was learning to sing, slowly but surely.)

Summy takes special pleasure in watching me trying to explain the rules of phonics to her. I'm a terrible teacher, though I didn't know that before.

So she says, "E says A? No, A says A."

I say "A says Ah."


"No, O says Oh."

There are a lot of sounds that I can't explain to her, but C and K are the best.

She says, "K for kat!"

I say, "No, C for cat!"

"K says kh! too."

"But C is for cat."



"C for ckitchen!"

And so on. She gets C and K wrong (or maybe, right) with a naughty smile everytime. "K for Kake", "C for Ckite", "K for Kandy" (Note to @: You involved in this?).

At this point, I give up. Her teachers will teach her when they teach her, and they'll teach her the right way. No big deal - if she doesn't learn to read in preskool, she will learn it in Ckindergarten.


gau said...

:)) You must admit she has a point - her argument is perfectly logical, it's the language that's weird....where else would you find G-O = go, but D-O = do?!!!
Adit reads Urdu...invariably reads words in the reverse order. he knows C-A-T is cat, but while reading he'll go "T-A-C" (and then look at the picture of a cat) and say "cat!", or G-I-P, pig!
Funny how vain they make us....I genuinely thought he'd be an early reader too! (*confess*).
When he was a little less than 2, he'd say "D for W", "J for G", "S for C", "K for Q"....the vain mommy in me still thought that was brilliant, but I ought to have known that's when I should've given up!
Hugs to your little smartypants, if you ask me, she's way smarter than the Shakespearean bunch!
...and this sentence has made my comment even longer than what it would have been...*sowwie*


Aparna said...

Gau, Agree that it's the language that is weird.

Ditto, ditto, ditto about reading Urdu, D for W, and everything.

Love to you own little smarty pants, you know he really is brilliant.

@ said...

cant blame her if the language is screwed up. so you do you teach her desi languages? the phonetics in those are sooo much more she will be reading very soon - just not english, not yet :)

Note to @: You involved in this?
**Raises hands up** I have no idea what you're talking abt ;-) maybe your daughter is secretly scouring K's blog behind your back!

The Mad Momma said...

hey.. am all with you on the no pressure bit.. how many kids do you know who go to college and cant tell the difference between C and K? I think we all succumb at some point to the pressure of making our kids read early.. but I really dont want my son to be one of those 2 year old geniuses counting his numbers backwards or knowing the names of all the states. I think your little one is cute and you should savour the nonsense while it lasts... all too soon they begin to make sense and then its no fun!

aRbit said... should change the title to "K for Kute" :)