Monday, February 05, 2007

The Best Ears of our Lives

Sometimes I regret it that Summy is growing up too fast, but that's rare.
I see baby videos of her and want that innocence again, but then there is always something wonderful about the age she's at right at that moment.

I can't get enough of whatever adorable stage she is in at any time. She's young enough to have that cute little voice, and say innocent things and ask innocent questions in it.

She walks around with a cell phone to her ear and whispers"Shh! Don't interrupt. I'm talking to somebody and it's 'portant!"

When I ask her to move over to check my email at the computer, she says, "I'm very very very busy doing 'portant work. You can do the computer later, okay?"

When her Barlin' says she doesn't need three q-tips because she doesn't have three ears, she says, "Yes, I have three ears. In March I will have four ears." (She'll be four years, not four ears old in March, and is being a smart aleck).

I need to get a recorder and record some of the things she says, so I don't forget them thirty minutes later.


gauri said...

aDORAble (no pun intentded)! It's amazing she has such a witty sense of humor (yes I have 3 (y)ears!)) Reminds me of Potty Train goes poo-poo :)

Watch out, Wodehouse, here comes your match! But then again, it's no surprise, she's YOUR daughter, aps!

Give her a big hug from me, willya!


The Mad Momma said...

That is so cute.. I did a post some days back on the cute things say in a day which you just might end up missing... I am too lazy to use the video camera but I do try and blog about them...

Big Zed said...

They grow up so fast! Everytime my little one says something new, I never have the camcorder near me. But my heart swells up with pride

chinuku said...

she is cute. i can't describe the feeling that we get into seeing their innocent actions some times.

i wanna spend as much time with my sister's kids sahaja, prabhat and chintu , but nowadays they are grown ups, they hardly come once in 2 years.