Friday, December 29, 2006

She has her cake, I eat it too

The other day as Summy and I were picking out jammies for her, I saw the cutest blue pair with duckies on it. But when I showed it to Summy, she said, "Mommy, those are baby jammies."

I see.

And then she showed me her pick - Disney princess nightgown. I said, "But Summy, that looks too grown-up."

And this is where we are now. I'm trying to hang on to her babyhood, and she's ready to drive a car ("Mommy, next year can I drive the car?").

So who won?

She got the princess nightie, and twirled and danced in it for a long time before she slept. She got her wish.

When she fell asleep, she snuggled up to me just like when she was a baby. I got my wish too.