Thursday, August 24, 2006


by Boo.

I am thirty one today.
I said nothing much - I usually don't, I'm shy.
I want to not seem shallow, but can't help it - what I really really really want is samosa chat for dinner.
I wish that today were Friday.
I miss being in India.
I hear Summy's chatter as long as she's awake.
I wonder where I would've been today if I'd got that coveted seat in my dream college.
I regret having yelled at Summy yesterday.
I am glad I'm sneaking my way out of the second "I am". I waited until it was my birthday so that I could do the first "I am".
I dance clumsily, but happily.
I sing the teletubbies title song at work.
I am not going to let myself walk into a modified "I am" trap.
I cry at the drop of a hat.
I'm not always straightforward.
I make with my hands shadow animals by the light of Summy's flashlight.
I write a lot of non-technical stuff and I enjoy it.
I confuse everybody at work when I try to write a technical document.
I need nothing more than what I have.
I should be a better role model for Summy.
I tag mommyof2.


Sush said...

Happy Birthday!!

B o o said...

Hey, Happy Birthday! So you were waiting for the right time to do the tag then? I thought you were nt going to do it and was about to remind you again! :) And advances Wedding anniversary wishes too! Festive month, huh?

Aparna said...


Thank you!

Boo, thanks. Yes, I had a mind block, so I waited a while before I picked up the tag :)

Twisted DNA said...

Belated happy birthay.

"Chinuku" is a lovely name for a blog. Reminds me of the song, "Chinuku chinukugaa chiguru mettaga," which also applies to your blog:)