Tuesday, August 08, 2006


This happened a few months ago - how did I forget to put it in Summy's journal?

We were reading a small board book about fruit at bedtime, when we first saw the now legendary Jujube.

She found the name "Jujube" very funny, and it started to seem funny to me too.

After the lights were out, we were singing the alphabet song, and when we came to J, she said "J for Jujube" and started to laugh again. I laughed too. It was one of those things, hard to explain why it was that funny.

We laughed helplessly with tears down our faces, and until our jaws hurt. Then we looked away from each other because even looking at each other would have triggered another bout of laughter. We slept with an occasional suppressed rumble from one of us, setting off the other one to rumble too.

Now we try not to talk about explosive topics like Jujubes at bedtime.

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