Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A New Friend

We have been visiting the swimming pool for the last two weeks.

She enjoys splashing around, ofcourse (need to put her in classes), but the best part of swimming (or going to the park, or out for a walk, or anything else) is the socializing.

Usually the pool crowd consists of five or six year olds who consider it beneath them to get familiar with a three year old "baby". :) There are some very friendly older kids too - there are all kinds. But usually nobody pays much attention to Summy.

On Sunday, she found a baby who was hugging his Daddy's neck and crying in the pool. He wanted no part of all that rowdy splashing around (every two seconds one kid or the other would do a cannonball). She swum around close, watching the baby with delight. When the baby stopped crying to smile at her, she was overjoyed - then the baby bent down to touch Summy's hand, then she held his hand and put it in the water. Then the baby's Dad said "Look how well she swims - isn't she good?". He didn't know it, but he and his son now became friends for life :) The rest of her time in the pool, she hung around with that baby.

When she came home, she told Kiran very proudly that she had made a friend and his name was Alex.

Good to meet you, Alex!

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Gauri said...

That was so chweet of Little Miss Sumshine :-))

Great going Summ(ie)!!