Thursday, July 13, 2006

Camping In

Today Summy's classroom has a sleepover/camping theme, and they asked us to bring a sleeping bag if we had one. We didn't have one, but we went and bought one as there has been some talk of sleepovers with her cousins lately.

So ofcourse, last night she wanted to sleep in the brand new sleeping bag. Not alone though, and we opened it up and spread it on the floor of our bedroom. We read an Angelina (the ballerina) story and then wondered where the Angelina doll was (we hadn't seen it in a while). Then it was time to turn the lights out.

Oh, it was one of those nights. We lay down at nine, and at ten thirty she was still fiddling around. Around then, I put her in the bed with Kiran and went off to do a little reading by myself. I came back to bed in the dark, and when I was climbing in I saw a little hand in my way. Summy was comfortably spread out in my place. There was about four inches of space on the end of the bed where I could have fit in, but I decided to sleep on her bag instead.

That should be enough to know who's royalty in the house, and who serves - there she was, a little three-feet-long person with her hands and legs all over the big bed and managing to occupy an entire half of it. And here I was, on the floor, on a small pink ballerina sleeping bag, and trying to fit under a blanket one third my size. The only thing that would have made this look funnier (to me, anyway) would have been Kiran sleeping in the ballerina bag.

But we all slept well, and I didn't awake until I heard a shout "Angelina!". Summy had woken up, and from the big bed she had spotted her Angelina doll under her little bed. Yawn! All's well that ends well.

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