Thursday, July 13, 2006


This was two weekends ago. Summy and I visited the New England Aquarium.

I was very nervous to drive a car into Boston (the last time I did, I took forty five minutes to get to Boston, half an hour to find the place I had to go, and an hour driving around for a parking spot). It turns out I was nervous for a good reason, because we got lost.

It is more flustering to be lost with Summy, because questions and comments keep coming non-stop.

"Why are we in a tunnel?"

"Why are you turning that way?"

"Where is the uckbarium?"

"Red light, that means stop." (Okay, that one was helpful)

"Why are we turning around?"

"Why are we going in the tunnel again?"

"Is the uckbarium the other way now?"

"We need a map."

And so on. I told her that she had to be quiet for a while, or we'd never find the aquarium. She sulked in the back seat while I found the way (and found that we had passed the Aquarium two times while looking for it).

She was fascinated by the water and the boats on the wharf more than the aquarium itself. She did like the penguins, the seals, the giant turtles, and the jelly fish. The acquarium looked crowded, and I'm not talking about the people. I wish the fish had some more space, but then maybe then don't really need much space, even in the ocean. I don't know. I think the seals must be bored just swimming in circles all day long. I'm a wet mop, I always find a dampening angle on things. On the brighter side, the turtles didn't seem to care where they were as long as they got their naps.

Once we had lunch in their restaurant (no, I didn't see them serving seafood), we walked along the wharf and had ice cream.

We found the way back home easily enough. And at night, just before sleeping, Summy said those words which make it all worthwhile.

"Mommy, I don't want to go to the uckbarium again."

You read that right. :) But luckily, she does still want to go back to the wharf and get on a boat - so maybe whale watching next time?

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