Friday, March 31, 2006

Three year Physical

Summy had her three year check up yesterday. Kiran joined me for this special occasion. It was well worth coming. Not because she needs us to be there for the check-up, really. In fact, we could have just dropped her off at the hospital and she would have done fine all by herself, the way she went on yesterday. We her parents are getting more and more obsolete.

She is good friends with her doctor by now. The last time she got shots was a year ago, and everytime she visits the doctor she gets stickers. So no yelling, screaming "No! I don't want to go to the doctor!". On the contrary, she treats the visits more like picnics.

Her doctor usually ignores us (the obsoletes) for the most part and talks directly to her. This is how they went on yesterday:

"Hello, Sameera!"

"Hi! I am not feeling well, I was sick!"

"I don't think so (with a smile). Did you just have a birthday?"

"Yeah! I have a birthday party!"

"How old are you?"

"One, two, three!" (holding up three fingers one by one)

"Who came to your party?"

"Aditya, and Padma, and Colette, and Joshua, and...."

"A lot of kids came to your party!"

"Yeah, A lot of kids. And Francis, and Stephen, and..."

"Did you get lots of presents?"

"Yeah! and Ashley, and Grant, and..."

At this point, the doctor told us she had put on an average amount of weight, and grown an average amount taller. It seems she talked well and seemed mature for her age. So she's 3, weighs 30 pounds and measures 36 inches.

Then he checked her.

"How many eyes do you have?"

(She looked at him surprised, sorry that a grown man didn't know this)
"Two! One, two!" (Holding up two fingers and pointing to her eyes to help him understand).

"And how many ears?"

"Two! One, two!" (with a big grin, points to her ears).

"Who is this?" (about her stuffed mouse)

"Angelina Ballerina. She lives at my house."

"Who else lives at your house?"

"Mommy, and Daddy, and Babai, and Pinni. I live in a green house, and I get a house for my birthday, and I play with my house and the kitchen and I cook dinner, and I feed my doll milk and orange juice. Okay?"

After the check-up was done, she looked anxiously at the closet from which the doctor usually dispenses stickers. This is what she waits for from the minute we tell her we're going to the doctor. The doctor gave her two stickers, said she has a very pleasant personality and we must be having a lot of fun with her. The next visit will be in one year.

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Tharini said...

Oh mighty! She's so cute. I've said this before and will say it again....I would love to hear her talk. Very cute entry.

36 inches huh? She's almost ready for a booster seat in the car!

Glad that this pleasant personality has shown average progress and all's well.