Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rapid Progress

On February 6th, I posted about how Summy was recognizing some letters. Now, less than two months later, she recognizes all (except for some confusion with "d"s and "b"s, "v"s and "y"s, and so on). Both capital and small. She knows the sounds many of them make. She recognizes Dora's name when she sees it in print.

Yesterday, I was writing down our names and phone numbers. She peeked, and said "That's Daddy's name." That was quite a surprise for me! Then she pointed to my name and said "That's your name, mommy." It wasn't actual reading, because I was writing in cursive, but she saw the big "K" and "A" in our names and deduced what they were.

Amazing! To a mom, anyway :) At the end of this week, she is going to be three years old. Three years ago, she hadn't seen nothing yet. Now, it seems there is nothing she hasn't seen!

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