Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Curious George

Two Saturdays ago, Summy and I went to see "Curious George" in the BIG movie theatre along with her cousin and aunt. We sat in the last row, and the kids were angels throughout. The top of the seats in front of us obstructed the kids' view a little. Also, the little ones were not heavy enough to keep those theatre seats from folding up :) So midway through the movie, Summy and her cousin both climbed onto their moms' laps.

As for the movie itself, it was okay. Almost every kids' movie that is made, is an adult's movie in disguise. A bumbling hero, on a mission to save his beloved museum, a villain who is trying to sabotage the hero's quest, and even a love interest. All quite unnecessary. I think there was no reason for a plot for this movie. Curious George (who is a monkey, if you didn't know it), left to himself, might have carried the movie through on his own. George is the cutest. One of the first scenes is when the hero (the man in the yellow helmet) meets Curious George. George plays peekaboo in the man's hat. It was delightful. After the movie was all done, this was the scene Summy remembered best.

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