Thursday, February 23, 2006

Attention Span

Her attention span is now super-long for books. I remember when I used to buy her books with just pictures and no words, because she wouldn't listen to me reading. Not anymore.

Now, she wants books with longer and longer stories (the better to delay bedtime). Yesterday was a record, when we read a 64-page Amelia Bedelia book in one stretch.

We have broken the record for number of books read at bedtime a month ago though. Every night, as we reach the end of the last book, she starts to get anxious even before we finish it. She starts peering at the book shelf to pick another one and beg "Last time!". So one night when I was feeling patient, I thought "Why not read to her heart's content? She's sure to get sleepy at some point. I know I get sleepy after I read for a while" Twenty books and more than an hour later, I changed my mind. Requests for "Only one more!" kept coming. Whether it's love of books, or dislike of going to bed, or both, I now know that she won't voluntarily stop.

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