Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Little Parrot

Repeats everything we say. Sometimes with embarrassing results ofcourse. More important than ever to watch every word. Some recent new phrases:

"Oh My Gosh!" said with her hand over her mouth

"You did it!" (about herself)

"Tooooooooweeeeeeeeenkal Twinkle Little Star" She sings the whole song, about two hundred times a day, and always starts with that long word at the beginning. Often I'm driving and hear a "Tooooooweeeeeee" from the backseat that goes on for several seconds before the actual recital starts. She starts the ABC song the same way - "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaye Beee Sheeee Dee"

"Aaaye Laaaav yooo" Same as above, for Barney's I Love You song. Then "Yoooo love me, We a hyappy fyamily, wiva gay be hug and kiss, wodiwodiadmf (insert gibberish here)"

"You okay?" said with genuine concern when somebody has a little accident. Frequently followed by "Oh, soddy" and a kiss when the little accident was caused by her flinging a toy at you.

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