Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Gramma and Grampa

She still does not get it that "Ammamma" is Amma's Amma. Whenever I hug my mom and tell her "This is my amma", she stares blankly. But, she has taken to Ammamma and Thatha very well and I see her face light up when she sees her grandparents, just like it does when she sees us or her uncle. In the beginning, she preferred to go to daycare with me than to stay at home with ammamma. But now, when given a choice between home and daycare, she yells "Stay Home Ammamma!"

I was flattered when my mother said to me early on that she would have to learn from me how to act with Summy. What greater compliment? That's because Summy would not listen to her gramma, but she listened when I spoke and usually cooperated. Ofcourse now amma knows to explain things to Summy before getting her to do something, thus preventing a major meltdown. I thought I was patient with Summy, but my mother is a hundred times more so. I should have expected it, after all, she is the mother of me!

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