Thursday, October 03, 2013

Unfathomable Loss

One morning four months ago, I talked to my parents on the phone. Then I got off the phone quickly because I had to take Pranav out for a class. I heard my dad say "Good Night" to me across the room from my mom, on the speakerphone.

That night, I got another phone call, a dreaded one. We packed up and left for India. I would see my dad a final time, but he would not wake up to see me or his grandchildren again. I cannot come to terms with this yet.

He was a loving dad, and such a loving grandfather. My best memories of childhood are of lying down next to him on the open terrace, looking at the stars while he told stories. This is what I'll always remember when I look at the stars, dad.

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Sree said...

Rest in peace... uncle... extremely sorry for your loss.