Sunday, May 19, 2013

Short and Salty

We still go to the movies with Pranav. Kid movies are easy. For movies that are either inappropriate or too boring for him, we have worked out a strategy. We go at  his sleepy times, afternoon or night, and get into the theater early armed with popcorn. He stuffs himself with popcorn, drinks water, snuggles up and falls asleep by the time trailers are done.

Today, we went to the latest Star Trek movie. He ate popcorn, curled up and went to sleep as usual, and woke up  after the two hour movie was done. He even commented that it was a short movie.

I guess his movie review would read: "Buttery, salty, crunchy, and delicious! Comfortable seats.  Very refreshing, walked out of the movie feeling well rested."


Sree said...

good to see you back.

Cashkaro .Cashkaro said...

What a cute post Aparna :)

I remember being trouble to my parents as a kid. My dad spent half the movie running time with me outside the theater. Am sure I would have liked a dose of Popcorn and all things yummy.