Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grime Time

Today Pranav started his afternoon by crawling around on the ground outside our apartments, and rubbing his hands all over it.

When his hands were black to his satisfaction, he found he was thirsty and he asked for a juice box. After a few sips, he wasn't so thirsty anymore, and he squirted juice out of the box all over himself.

He wiped his sticky black hands on his favorite jeans, and proceeded to the playground. There, his sticky shoes filled with sand (so that's why they're called "sand"als?) annoyed him, and he threw them off. He climbed on the equipment and had fun. Soon, his feet matched his hands in blackness.

Then we moved on to the cafe where I fed him French fries. There he dipped his hands into the ketchup, and then into his glass of water.

Finally we came home, and by this time he was more a ball of dirt than a little boy. He left a trail of sand wherever he went. I scrubbed him down from matted hair to blackened toes, and he came out of the bath looking like a little angel, and smelling sweet.

Immediately, he set to work again, "eating" a bowl of yogurt, and in the process, getting it on his hands, hair, and eventually, on his tummy, his legs, his feet, his chair, and the floor, as he toppled his bowl over.

What can I say? I do my job, he does his.

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