Friday, December 04, 2009

The Incredible Hulk

Today I was reading a headline on the computer about what kinds of people are the angriest. The first thing I thought was "People who have kids?"

It's ironic. They're the joys of your lives.

Mine definitely is the joy of mine. I was infinitely patient with her when she was a baby and a toddler. But as she grows up, I am much less so.

She is little, but has big feelings. She is defiant, and does not like to stand down from a confrontation. She is also a sweet, affectionate angel. But that is hard to remember sometimes when this pint-sized stubborn package stands up and defies my orders, and even does the opposite of what I ask sometimes.

It is futile to have a power struggle with this one, and infuriating.

I clicked on the headline about which kind of people are the maddest. Sure enough, the second on the list in the article is people who have children at home. I don't usually believe anything I read, but I believe this one :).

It's not the kind of constant anger that eats you up, but the kind of sudden explosion that comes when you find a child who is supposed to be cleaning up her room, dumping more toys on the floor instead.

I am happier than ever, but I have also done more yelling about trivial things in the past three years than the rest of my life. I know I'll regret it. I regret it already. I know better and I keep trying to be better.

But meanwhile, when I find my veins popping, my color turning green, and in general starting to look and sound like the incredible Hulk, at least I know that I am not the only parent who is doing it. Am I?


d said...

there's at least one more i can promise you that!

Anitha said...

Count me in. I believe this is a phase in their growth to defy us and talk back.

Aparna said...

Glad about not being alone. Anitha, you're probably right, it's a phase. I hope :)


litterateuse said...

Don't regret it. I do (please notice the verb tense) my fair share of yelling. What would you rather your kid grows up with? A yelling here and a yelling there, or an insane mom? :O

Good to see you write...I hope you're keeping well :)) Will write to you.


d said...

G - you are hilarious. though my kids are growing up with a yelling here, a yelling there AND an insane mom!

d said...

aps time for next post. see how many people are coming here looking for something?