Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Impending Arrival

On a recent visit to the hospital, I found this sign posted in the elevator.

"If you are displaying the symptoms of feeling dizzy, nauseous, have a headache, or a fever, please do not visit the hospital. And do not even think about it if you are under 18."

That's not exactly what it said, but it was close. I was lucky to be feeling well enough to visit the hospital. So if I had a fever or a headache and was there to see a doctor, would I have seen the sign in the elevator and turned and walked right out of the hospital? Or would I have whistled nonchalantly until I got to the doctor's office before I started sneezing? Where should I go if I really were sick? To the mall or the movies?

And Summy isn't even allowed to step into those doors. Thanks to H1N1, suddenly children are treated like litte germ-carriers. Which they are. But I'm still disappointed that Summy won't be there to see her baby brother right after he arrives.

She is the one who's waiting to see him, more than anyone else. She never passes by me, even when in a hurry, without a kiss and a hug for my tummy.

Two more weeks to go.


Sree said...

Wow.. that is great news... do miss your regular posts... just wish the brother gets journal so that we be a part of his growing up as well...

love to both the kids... and yes.. take care!!!

Gauri said...

Wow Aps - time does fly :).

All the very best, dear :)

Take care and a beeg hug for Summy :)

d said...

all the very best to you aps. hope we get to read all about summy's baby brother soon on this space.

Aparna said...

Sree, thanks for visiting and for the message. I will try to keep up and have baby inherit this journal.

Thanks, Gauri! Time flies, but right now, it has slowed down to a crawl for me. Beeg hug back from Summy (and me too).

Thanks, d :) I'll be thinking of you all when I have this one.

B o o said...

whoa! Congrats dear! Great news! So happy for ya! Take care. Hugs.