Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Entertaining Teacher

I decide to slow down writing on this blog, and the next day I remember a million things that I meant to say but never did.

Ever since Summy started going to school, I've noticed that she knows a lot of little things. "Soaring, " she tells me one day, "is when you don't flap your wings but spread them out and let the air carry you high above". Impressed, I ask, "Did your teacher tell you that?". "No, I saw it on Diego.". On TV.

She keeps telling me little facts like these, and when I ask her whether she learned it at school, she'll say, "No, I learned it on Backyardigans." Or Blue's Clues. Or Dora.

Finally, one day, she says, "See, I do learn some things from TV." (this is a comeback to what I had said weeks ago - that her mind would go blank if she watched too much TV). And I have to admit, it's true. For now.


Anonymous said...

So it isn't all that bad, watching TV! But it takes a Summy to learn what soar means, and an Adit to just jump and do monkey tricks and act like Diego!

Can't believe she defined it verbatim for you! So what if she saw it somewhere?!


Anonymous said...

Something waiting for you :)