Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sweet Holiday

Until Kindergarten started, I didn't realize that school meant going everyday - she cannot just stay home when we feel like it.

So when it was her first holiday from school yesterday, we made it a fun day. She wanted to make cupcakes from scratch, so we found a recipe, she wrote a shopping list, and we went grocery shopping. Then we made cupcakes, and while they baked, watched a princess movie together. We ended the day with going to the park.


d said...

oh aps you are SUCH a fantastic mom and SUCH an inspiration. Now i just wish i could actually do something about being inspired instead of just be inspired! i am getting rottener and rottener with the girls. i sooooooo want to do fun stuff like this with them.
need some serious aps 101 now! will send mail. pl reply!!! what id to send to? yahoo / gmail / rocket/ other?
and what joy to see such a lovely sunflower no? what a great kindergardener she is!

Linguaphile said...
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g said...

Isn't that nice!! Lucky little Summy...these moments are going to go a long way, Aps! :)