Friday, October 17, 2008

Mickey Mouse

We see Mickey almost every Sunday at Disneyland - original and authentic. But Summy always hides behind me and Kiran when he comes too close. She is scared and suspicious of people in costumes.

But the other day, on Hollywood Boulevard, among the Elvises and Marilyn Monroes, there was a Mickey Mouse in a threadbare costume. He was posing for photos with kids, for a dollar or so. She goes right up to him, gets a picture, gives him a hug, and then tells him, "Mickey, I see you on TV."

1 comment:

d said...

oh you know my daughters would LOVE to live with you forever, don't you? (wanting to do something, anything, 'FOREVER' is the current trend in our lives).

really, don't let diya hear about disney every sunday, ok?