Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Here to log a milestone.

After going to swim classes for four weeks, Summy is swimming with her head under water for a few feet at a stretch, with no floaties or other support. Watching her holding her breath for so long, makes me breathless.

She has to learn a lot of things, the first being coming up to take a breath. But still, it is exciting to see her do something that I've never done myself.


joy said...

doesnt it feel so good to watch your kiddo doing things which we wanted to do

g said...

Not bad!! I guess I'll feel like this when Adit is ok stepping in the water :)

So good to see you back and in action! Hope to read more...


PS: left you a voicemail a couple weeks ago - did you get it?

Aparna said...

joy, yeah, it feels so good.

g, I did get your message (when I checked a few days later). Thank you so much! How do you remember? I will get back to you soon.