Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hairy Pot

When she said, "He looks like Hairy Pot.", pointing to a boy wearing glasses, I had no idea what she meant for a minute.

It was Harry Potter.


cbrao said...

Glad to see you back after hibernation.

Tharini said...

LOL. Trust Summy to come up with the funniest things!

mynanhipari said...

LOL:) have been visiting your blog, but first time leaving a comment.

d said...

hello again! so glad you are back. left comments on old posts and emails too and never heard back :-(

Aparna said...

Thanks for dropping by, uncle.

Tara, I have so much to catch up with - I'm sure you've been writing about Akhil's new school experiences - will have to check it out.

mynanhipari, thanks for leaving a comment :) that's always so nice.

D, so sorry :( I know I've been criminally absent. Will catch up with you soon.