Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Old Friends

We are in India.

While Summy has fun with her old friends, her grandparents, I had the chance to meet three of my own old friends. One of them, I had the luck to live close to for several recent years. I hadn't seen another of them in a long time. Another one, she remembered that the last time we had seen each other was twelve years ago. I was newly wed and was getting on a train to Mumbai and to my in-laws house, to go onward to the USA to study, and she was waving at me. Now they all have two kids each, most of whom I had read eagerly about but had never seen before.

They knew things about me and hadn't forgotten. When I faked knowledge of something, my old friend laughed and said, "I know she knows as much of it as I do (which was precious little)". There is no fooling old friends, and there is relief in not having to.


d said...

don't forget you have one more old friend. you have known her for almost 6 years now. she knows things about you and has'nt forgotten either. and she has 2 kids too. when are you going to meet her?

tara is coming here and staying with me! would be soooooo much fun if you come too...

Aparna said...

Yes, yes, d, I haven't forgotten. How could I?

I'm so glad you two can meet, and that she's staying with you. Maybe atleast the three of us can talk on the phone...