Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring has sprung!

New England's winter last three months officially, but we have been in winter coats for six months now. Everybody was anxious for Spring by the end of March.

Sure enough, the weather got warmer. Last weekend we saw the first robins of Spring. April showers started right on the mark. Logically, the next thing to follow would be the first daffodils blooming. Then why were we still surprised this morning when we looked through the window, and saw - the most natural thing in these parts - the first snow of April?

Nature has played this April fool's prank played on us so many times, that we should have been used to it by now.

One little person is always happy to see snow, and she was happy this morning too ("It's not spring outside anymore, mommy - it's winter!" Cowabunga.). Kids are so easy to please - if you give them sun, they are happy because they get to play outside. If you give them rain, they are happy because they get to use their umbrellas. If you give them snow, they are happy because they get to catch it on their tongues.

I'm glad somebody is happy about the snow.

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