Monday, April 17, 2006


I picked up all her train tracks and pieces and put them in a red basket. This was the cue for Summy to come running and dump out all the pieces on the floor. The other day she had learnt to make a figure 8 track, so the train could go over the bridge and all around on it.

But yesterday, she put the tracks in a little circle instead. She said "Look! I made an 'O'!" I was very impressed. After a while she said "Look! I made a 'Q'!" The circle now had the train bridge pieces going over the rim, and it was a big Q! I was just remarking to my SIL about how much more kids know now than we did at their age, and I heard "Look! I made a 'G'!" She had added more pieces to the Q, but it didn't look like a G. Then I saw it was not a G, it was a 'g'. She curved the Q's tail around to form a g. You know, g, as "in genius" :)

Disclaimer: I'm a mom, so everything my baby does is ingenious to me.

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