Tuesday, June 07, 2005


The little one is off breastfeeding, after two years and two months of it. We knew we were going to wean any day now, but the crux came when I was diagnosed with a mild case of bronchitis and prescribed antibiotics. Then I came home and found that the medicine bottle said in big letters: "Do not use while breastfeeding. " I made the choice to wean since it was so close anyway. It went off without a hitch, and she almost forgot about it. I haven't nursed her in more than three days. So, just like that, it's over. I didn't feel much regret, especially seeing that the little one doesn't seem to regret it either.

My previous post was almost prophetic :) I talked about being patient and letting nature take its course. Inspite of all that talk, I had nagging doubts about how she would fall asleep without num-nums. A week later, my trust in nature is stronger. When the right time comes, everything falls into place.

Her official last nursing date is June 4th, 2005.

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