Sunday, August 16, 2015

Good Vibes

Pranav asked me what vibrate meant. I tried to explain. He vibrated like my iPhone and said , "So this is what vibrate means?"

He sure is a thinker. At bedtime, he lay down in his bed with the lights off, thinking quietly while I checked news on my phone. A plane flew overhead, and he said, "Do planes vibrate?" I said I thought they did, as their engines run. "Like that time I felt sick on the plane?", he said, remembering the time of intense turbulence in a plane last month that made him nauseous. "No, that was turbulence.", I said.

Then he lay thinking quietly again and eventually fell asleep.

It is interesting to watch him go through his phases before he falls asleep. First he talks a lot and asks lots of questions. Then he grows quieter and  more thoughtful. Finally, his breathing goes heavy and he drifts off.

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Jyothy G said...

camew back to your blog after a looooooong time.
I really enjoy your updates on your kids.
enjoying going through the posts.