Thursday, November 21, 2013

Literal (and stubborn)

If there is one thing in common between the two kids, it's that they are both exasperatingly "strong-willed". Even when authority figures like teachers tell them to do something, they won't if they don't like it. They both behave well in class, get along with friends, and usually make the teachers' life easier. But occasionally they are told, for example, to do an activity that they dislike, and will stand and stare (while I, who'd never have dared disobey a teacher, watch and wither)

Today I was talking to Pranav in the car, trying to teach him a new word. (Which I forgot, but let's just say it was "pigheaded") "Say pigheaded, Pranav!"

Silence from the backseat.

"Can you say pigheaded?", I said.

"Yes", he said. I waited for him to say it.

More silence from the back seat.

"Will you say it?"

"No!" (mischief in his voice)

Oh, so he could say it, if he's in the mood for it or wants to do me a favor, but he doesn't feel like it right now, so he won't.

Bringing up children is like having to make that proverbial horse drink water all day, every day.

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