Sunday, December 11, 2011

He is an Boy!

Pranav, now that he's all of 23 months old, is trying to be grammatically correct.

"Me do it." has disappeared, and has been replaced with "I'll do it."

He makes complex sentences that do not make complete sense, like: "Daddy has an umbrella, but it's raining outchide (outside)."

He hasn't figured out the difference between "what" and "who" yet, though. He points to people and says, "What is that, Amma?", when he feels friendly and curious. (a couple of embarrassing times, I've pretended that he was pointing to and talking about something else: "That? Oh, that's a tree, Pranav.")

He did notice that we say "an" instead of "a" sometimes, as in "an ant". So now he's replaced all "a"s with "an"s.

Tonight, in bed, he waved his finger around in a circle, and said, "Look at this, Amma. What is this?" when I ignored him, he answered himself, "It's an shircle, Amma."

Then he thought for a while, and informed me, "I am an boy, Amma." At that, I had to give him a kiss.

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